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General Information

A bathroom remodel is a huge undertaking. Many hours go into the planning and implementation of even a modest refit. But even with the nicest amenities, countertops, cabinets and tiles, a bathroom won't look its best without the final touch - a custom glass shower

A properly implemented glass shower enclosure adds a great deal of luxury. The lustrous green shimmer of the exposed glass edges frames it in light. Broad panes of glass serve to focus the eye on the shower beyond, highlighting and showcasing the tilework within. And the high quality finishes match existing fixtures beautifully, bringing the entire room together.

Shower Galleries

Updated April 20th, 2014

I've finally managed to install some photos from a couple of dozen different shower installs. The bulk of these images are quite recent (this year), and I have personally worked on most of them. I was there to take the pics, after all. Click the buttons above to peruse.

Note: This is by no means the length and breadth of our experience with showers! We have hundreds of installs under our collective belts. I, as a photographer, on the other hand have scant experience snapping the images. Please bear with me while I come to grips with technology and slowly gather a portfolio of our work.

The programming is easy, it's the content that's difficult to produce. You might not know this, but glass is notoriously difficult to photograph. It's also quite a feat to show a large shower in a small room - you can't back up far enough to get it all in the frame!

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