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Care and Cleaning 101

A glass shower is a beautiful thing. A dirty, poorly maintained shower, on the other hand, can quickly become an eyesore.

But I'm here to tell you, as a veteran of scores of shower cleanings, that it's not nearly as difficult nor as time consuming as one would think. A simple cleaning regimen and some attention to detail can keep your shower looking great and working well for many years. With a little consistency and forethought the cleaning can be done in just a few minutes after every use.

Daily Regimen

First: Get a good squeegee. You can spend upwards of $40 on a finely crafted, beautifully finished decorator squeegee, but the less expensive ones will work almost as well (although the blue-plastic econo-look does detract somewhat from the whole custom frameless shower appeal). Regardless of the appearance, get a squeegee.

Second: Use it. Glass is your friend, water isn't. Water contains minerals which leave deposits when they dry. Over time these marks may become permanently etched into the glass. Wipe down the shower every time you use it. You will quickly develop a pattern or technique and the process will become second nature.

Thorough Cleaning

Wash the entire enclosure as required. Use a quality non-abrasive, non-ammonia based glass cleaner and give it a good once-over every now and then. The inside will require more frequent cleaning. The outside in general only requires dusting and fingerprint removal, particularly on the door.

Dry it thoroughly on occasion. Small damp spaces can be a haven to mold and mildew. After your monthly or semi-monthly cleaning, dry all of the mouldings, nooks and crannies. Run a towel over the door edges and along the top of the glass. Pay particular attention to the hinges, pivots, and any other moving parts. Consider leaving the door open once in a while to allow air to circulate and dry the areas you can't get to.

The channels and mouldings installed with your shower are durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum. While aluminum itself is a very robust material, the finish applied to it can be delicate. Avoid using harsh chemicals, abrasives, scouring pads, steel- or bronze-wool, sandpaper, chisels, etc. Smooth, shiny finishes can scratch rather easily, and brushed finishes are only moderately tougher. Note that many glass cleaners can damage anodized aluminum finishes if left to dry on their own. Be sure to remove any excess cleaning agents before calling it quits.

Major Cleaning

The sweep at the bottom of the door is commonly just pressed on by hand, so remove it a couple of times a year and clean it thoroughly. If it's in bad shape see us for a replacement. Bring us the old one and we'll even cut it to size for you.

While you're at it, if you're a handy person, check the condition of all of the silicone beads and touch up or replace as necessary. This is also a good time to re-torque the hinge screws.

Our only other suggestion is to be careful when cleaning the areas around your shower. Products used for cleaning grout and tile can be harmful to glass and aluminum. Abrasive cleaners can scratch, and strong chemicals can stain. Rule of thumb: if you have to wear gloves and/or eye protection, keep it off the glass.

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