On-Site Service

Cosmos fields three to four road crews for on-site service. We service a wide area, from Levack to the French River area, from Verner to Espanola and the island.

Most jobs start with a quote from one of our estimators. They'll arrange a time to go to the site, take measurements and photos, and consult with the owner/tenant/site supervisor. They will then follow up with a quote by phone, fax or email to the appropriate party. If the go-ahead order is received, materials will be fabricated from the original measurements and the order will be passed to the road crews for scheduling.

This procedure allows us to arrive at the site fully prepared with all the materials we need (in most cases). It also allows us to work year round with minimal disruption due to cold weather.

Please note: If the job site is a significant distance from our shop (Hagar, Espanola, Noelville, etc) you might have to either wait until we have a number of orders in the area, or pay for a site call to get an immediate quote.

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