Mirror and Plate Glass

We stock many different types, tints, patterns and thicknesses of glass. From 2mm glass for picture frames, all the way up to 6mm glass for commercial storefronts, tabletops and small shelves.

We often have in stock a half dozen different patterns for use in cabinet doors and sealed units, and we carry bronze and grey tinted glass in 2 thicknesses.

Mirrors are also tucked away in our massive warehouse. We have 4' x 8' sheets of 3mm mirror, and heavier grade 5mm mirror in 8' x 11' sheets.

If you're in need of safety glass, we've got you covered. We can cut laminated glass to order, and order tempered glass to suit.

Last in our vitreous repertoire is fire glass. We stock 3mm and 5mm ceramic glass for fireplaces, and 6mm GPW and GCW glass for fire rated applications. See the Fire Glass page for more info.

Common Glass Types & Thicknesses

Modifications and Alterations

Yes. We cut glass.

We can cut french curves, circles, ovals, rounded rectangles, trapezoids and even a rhombus or two. We can cut holes in sizes ranging from 1/8" up to 4". We can even make cut-outs for light fixtures, electrical outlets, mail slots, speak-throughs, etc. Send us a drawing by email or fax, or bring in a sketch and we'll tell you if its possible.

As for the edges of the glass, we have the equipment here to provide a hand arriss, machine arriss or a pencil edge polish ( the round pencils, not the hexagonal ones). If you don't mind the wait time, we can order in a number of specialty edges including various bevels and polishes.

We can also cut your own glass. We just can't guarantee it. Old glass has a despicable tendency to break in unpredictable ways, and sometimes they can get away from us.

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