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January Update ... Re-updated for February

February 3rd, 2016 by JF
Well, this happened. Talk about being buried in your work ... A tow truck, a flat bed, 2 tires and few other parts had us back on the road.

Nobody injured, no property damage, no broken glass. We didnt even spill the coffee. Hey, we're glass guys, not glace guys. Bilingual joke there. Come to Cosmos for all things vitreous AND humourous. Hey, medical joke there.
Alas we officially bid farewell to Mr Raymond Roy. Our aluminum mechanic extraordinaire has retired after four and a half decades in the trade. Into his voluminous shoes we have placed Pat O. and our newest member Scott T. Took 2 techs to fill your shoes, Ray. You'll be missed. It's like there's a big crack in our family. Or maybe one less ...

How You Can Help ... Part Two

October 4th, 2015 by JF
Yes, it's a redux this time. An extension to our list of small requests, as it were. And yes, it has actually become necessary to mention or reiterate these points ...
- Let there be light. While I don't deny that we're incredibly bright fellows, we prefer to work in adequately lit areas. Cellphone screens and flashlights just don't compare to wholesome, omnidirectional light. Worklights, droplights, wall fixtures or even natural light from a window on a sunny day will work. We don't need a lot ... just some
Note: The above does not apply to after hours service calls. I assume responsibility for lighting my own work area when doing urgent calls. If all else fails, I have gasoline and rags in the truck. I'm good. .... you have fire insurance, right?
-Please don't schedule all of your tradespeople on the same day .... Especially in the same room. Half a dozen tradesmen in a sauna is not a viable work scenario, it's a sitcom synopsis.

Left Foot, Left Hand ...

August 25th, 2015 by JF
Well, a few of us at Cosmos have gone and walked the empty mile.
Yep, we have turned in our Whuffo apprehensions and are now budding skydivers.
I understand it has little to do with the industry, or glass in general, but it does illustrate just how close we are. You don't jump out of a plane with just anybody, you know. And gosh darnit we're proud of ourselves. Feel free to watch the video of Dave B and I jumping from 4000'. Our third jumper went tandem from 13,000' - now that's just crazy.
We're trying to convince the powers-that-be to provide airdrops when doing urgent after-hours service calls, but it doesn't look promising.
Anyone in for the next hop?
Update: We went and did it again. One new jumper and two re-plummets. Now 40% of the Cosmos family has been chucked bodily from planes-in-flight only to while and wend our way back to Terra under diaphenous canopies built by the lowest bidder. I've partaken of the silent step 3 times now.
So ... who's coming next time? You know you want to.

You have reached the voicemail of 'How do I record a message on thi--'

June 5th, 2015 by JF
Aye, as you might've guessed from the header we have a new phone system.
Please bear with us while we work out the kinks and glitches. Shouldn't take long; we had the last system almost figured out in less than 15 years.
Also we'd like to welcome Dave Brouillard and Pat Levesque to the front lines. May your strains be light and your lacerations minimal, gentlemen.
That's about all, for the moment. Please leave your message at the 'What button do I press to save my greet--?'

How You Can Help

March 23rd, 2015 by JF
As an installer, I'm often asked 'Is there anything I can do to help?'
The short answer: No thanks. We're insured and know how to handle glass. It's volatile, brittle and inherently dangerous stuff. Leave it to us - We send enough techs to perform the job safely.
The long answer: Sure, there are lots of things you can do to help make the job go smoothly.

-Please move your car. If we're moving in large pieces of glass it's far safer and easier if we don't have to hike in from the road. Likewise we always appreciate a clear path. Snow and ice in the winter or patio furniture and sprinklers in the summer can make things much more difficult.
In most cases we need a clear path inside the house as well, so moving the Ming vases and Fabergé eggs to the couch would be a good idea. Rule of thumb: the more valuable it is, the farther you should move it.
-Secure your pets and young children. We like kids and pets, but they often don't understand glass.
Trying to carry a window the size of a Honda Civic while Dexter the half-lab half-pony is doing laps around your ankles isn't safe for us or him. Isn't much fun either. Particularly on stairs. (true story - not the pony part)
-Don't schedule all of your tradespeople on the same day. It's tough to install a shower while the plumber is still in there, or put in a backsplash while the cabinet specialists are vying for space with the counter gurus.
While we can walk on water 6 months of the year, we can't fly nor hover. We need access and working space.
-Try to remember our names. Most of us have them. If you want to make changes to your order, reschedule or even just get updates, it's much more efficient when we know who to look for.
It also makes things much easier when fingers must be pointed or kudos given. There are only 10 of us so it's not that hard. We even have a mnemonic to help: GRJDRDPDM. GerryRichardJasmineDaveRayDanPatDave2Mike. Simple. Wait, that's only 9 names ... hunh.
In general that's about it. Thanks for asking. We appreciate it.

Holiday News

December 19th, 2014 by JF
Quite the year we've had, don't you think? Seems we've rushed from one Xmas Eve to another.
As 2014 winds to a close, and 2015 peeks through the curtain that is New Years Eve, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for another great year at Cosmos. We're nothing without our clients, and we appreciate all the challenges, comments, compliments, and payments you've given us this year.
From the Cosmos Family, we wish happy non-denominational early-winter holiday-season type greetings to all of you who wish to receive such sentiments!
May the drive-thru lines be short, the roads clear, the police understanding, and the shelves still stocked as you go about your holiday shopping.
But seriously,

What's New in Glass

October 11th, 2014 by JF
Glass has been around longer than people have. Really. In a number of forms.

Lightning glass and volcanic glass to name but two. People didn't invent the stuff, we just improved the process somewhat.

As such, it's getting harder to find any kind of 'news' to bring you. Perhaps I should narrow my scope a wee bit.

Let's see. News.

Nope, nothing new here. Same folks, same service, same quality. It's like Cheers without the alcohol.

May the Mobile Be With You

May 5th, 2014 by JF
Our mobile website is now live. If you're browsing from a mobile device or from your smart phone, you should already know that.
It has only been tested on my Nexus 7 running Android 4.4, so any input from users of other miscellaneous devices would prove helpful. If there are any glitches or mysterious occurences please shoot me an email at
Here's hoping everything runs smoothly for you all, in this and any other endeavour you should deign to undertake.

April Update Extension

also April 20th, 2014 by JF
We'd like to welcome 2 more members to the Cosmos family: Dan and Dan. No, not the Dan who left last year, but 2 new Dans. Well, one Dan is actually returning after a long hiatus, so not exactly new, per se. But he still has to use the new guy parking, because I'm keeping my spot.Not that we wouldn't welcome Dan back should he decide to return, although 3 Dans would be quite confusing.Glad I'm not the one doing payroll.

Spring Forecast: Showers ...

April 20th, 2014 by JF
... showers, showers. Heavy at times.
That's why we have fore-arms like Popeye - glass shower panels are heavy. Most of the shower doors we install weigh in at around 75lbs. Sidelites and return panels can weigh a couple of hundred.
But they look good.
Designing a bathroom with a custom glass shower enclosure opens up a world of possibilities. Showers need not be darkened cubbies along the back wall, tucked in between the vanity and the commode. Now you can put a full shower enclosure in the middle of the room if you like, and it will still appear open and airy. Glass showers let the light flow through the room; they showcase the custom tilework and fixtures within. The can also be nearly any shape and size. We built one shower big enough to turn a jetski in.
You can have sliding doors, hinged doors, pivoting doors or no door at all. Hardware can be chrome, brushed nickel, copper, antique bronze, or nearly any other finish to match existing fixtures. You can have glass rising right up to the ceiling, or we can install a header bar and leave the top open for airflow.
Check our frameless showers section (newly updated) for suggestions and design ideas.
A note for those few who might have wondered where the updates went: fret not. It's just been quite busy for a very long time. I have every intention of resuming the monthly updates, perhaps more frequently if there's urgent news. I'm also currently working on a mobile version of the site (eta ~end of May)
Oh who am I kidding. I was out looking for the cat.

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